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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Chinese Tai Chi Taiji music CDs start bid $0.01 on ebay

We just have large Tai Chi Chi Gong music CDs, tutorial VCDs in stock and have not put on our web site yet but list on ebay first start big $0.01 USD. Please see it at
Condition: Brand New, sealed
Retail price: $18
This music suitable for Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Zen Meditation etc practices.
This Audio CD helps the Tai Chi practitioner concentrate his mind and make his motions coordinate with his breath. The music tone is composed in accordance with the series of motions in Tai Chi chuan. Following the rhythm of the music, one is able to relieve stress and benefit health when he practices Tai Chi chuan.
Happy bid. Web Blog Lauched

We will update our new products(include guqin, guzheng,erhu,pipa,yangqin,xiao,dizi,xun etc) and share the knowledge of Chinese music with our customers here.